Coated micro-perforated vinyl on acoustic felt-lined backing. αw 0.25 / NRC 0.25

Like a print of sedimentary rock made from a wide variety of minerals, this matte structure is packed with natural irregularities and variations in tone.

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Vinacoustic Urban Beige 1

VSTO 9054 02 61

Vinacoustic Urban Blanc 1

VSTO 9054 01 95

Vinacoustic Urban Gris 1

VSTO 9054 23 04

Vinacoustic Urban Gris 2

VSTO 9054 24 08

C-s3, d0


Washable and scrubbable

No pattern match

Adhesive on wall


αw 0.25

Covers imperfections

Vinacoustic Stone Beige 3

VSTO 9171 02 15

Vinacoustic Stone Beige 2

VSTO 9171 02 36

Vinacoustic Stone Beige 1

VSTO 9171 02 03

Vinacoustic Stone Blanc 1

VSTO 9171 01 27

Vinacoustic Stone Blanc 3

VSTO 9171 01 54

Vinacoustic Stone Vert 1

VSTO 9171 04 48

Vinacoustic Stone Taupe 1

VSTO 9171 10 22

Vinacoustic Stone Taupe 3

VSTO 9171 10 72

Vinacoustic Stone Gris 1

VSTO 9171 11 05

Vinacoustic Stone Ocre

VSTO 9171 03 51

Vinacoustic Stone Blanc 2

VSTO 9171 01 12

Vinacoustic Stone Taupe 2

VSTO 9171 10 41

C-s3, d0


Washable and scrubbable

No pattern match

Adhesive on wall


αw 0.25

Covers imperfections

Stone Decor
Untouched and original, this decor brings the reassuring strength of a timeless and enduring nature into your home.
A palette of 12 shades reinforce the mineral and distinctive character: luminous limestone, intense granite, blond sandstone, soft clay…

Urban Decor
A contemporary decor inspired by shuttered concrete in a minimalist, designer style. Urban uses the tonal shades of the raw material together with the regular pattern of the vertical formwork. It is available in 4 original concrete shades.


• Acoustic comfort and conformity αw 0.25
Meets the requirements of the NRA for communal housing, healthcare, education, hotels.

• Environment
Impact measured by the ACV : FDES available (“Fiche de déclaration environnementale et sanitaire” –NF EN ISO 14025/NF EN 15804) French documentation regarding environment and health standards Circular economy : 26% recycled materials ISO 14001 production Composition : 95% recycled polyester fleece / phthalate-free vinyl / water-based inks and varnishes / VOC A+ Energy savings and comfort : its thermal resistance of 0.08m² K/W prevents cold walls and thermal bridges

• A cost-effective solution
Corrects the acoustics and decorates in one step No need to install an acoustic ceiling which can be unattractive

• Good impact resistance = long-lasting
The double-coated vinyl on a 3.5mm fleece-backing absorbs any impacts without damaging its compact-PVC surface. The most robust wallcovering, designed for heavy-duty use : school buildings, restaurants, corridors of residential buildings, hotels or offices…

• Easy-care and hygienic
Extra washable and scrubbable / anti-bacterial treatment available to order Allows the wall to breathe thanks to its micro-perforations

• Easy-hang & simplified wall preparation
Thanks to the 3.5mm thick coverage and its flexible fleece backing Large 130cm width / no match