Eco-friendly absorbent compact felt

The acoustic SlimBox Baffles are produced without a frame and with 100% material with recycled content. It is an optimum acoustic solution that respects the environment. In 9mm and 30mm PET, its coverings and acoustic absorbent are made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Its unique and understated design stands out from other products on the market. Available in 4 formats and 4 colours, this collection has been designed to minimise production and delivery times.
The SlimBox Baffles acoustic panels are ceiling-mounted vertically and can be used when natural light enters the room from above.
A large range of optional colours are available on order.

Suspended on slings or rails, SlimBox is an optimal acoustic solution for ceilings !
Its different mounting methods, give it several advantages:
- Sling-mounting is more aesthetic and allows the height of the baffles to be varied
- Mounting on U-rails reduces the number of holes needed and ensure even installation between the baffles
- Mounting on T-rails allows the suspended-ceiling structure to be reused and ensures distinct lines of panels

Maximised acoustic absorption :
- Its composition and design lead to optimal absorption. With a total thickness of 50mm, the 9mm PET on the surface combined with 30mm acoustic absorbent make the product very efficient.
- The design of the edges, diffracts the sound waves and improves its acoustic efficiency.
- The spacing of the baffles on U-shaped rails has been adapted to suit the absorption required

A design and production time which respect the environment
- A new aesthetic proposition without a steel frame and made using recycled materials
- Available in 4 formats and 4 colours, this solution is designed to minimise costs, and production and delivery times.

Description / Environmental factors
- Eco-design : SlimBox panels are made of PET. (coating and acoustic fleece). 60% coming from recycled plastic bottles. The fittings and fixtures are made locally using recycled steel. SCS certified, this solution can be used in green construction programmes such as LEED.
- Easy-care : the product only requires annual dusting
- Several combinations are possible:
- 3 mounting methods : on T-rails, suspended on the ceiling with slings, on U-rails
- 4 panel sizes : 2 heights, 2 lengths
- 4 colours in stock and 16 optional colours (to order)
-Meets the strictest building regulations : fire-rating B s2 d0
-Acoustic absorbency : Aeq = 2.03m²

Suitable sectors
Hotels: catering, lounges or restaurants, seminar rooms
Services: meeting and conference rooms, offices, banks, call centres…
Educational buildings: refectory, classrooms, amphitheatres
Events: theatres, reception rooms, concert halls, casinos…
Care homes : entrance halls, living areas, restaurants


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9mm thickness compact felt.
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